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Born from a love of good design and high quality products,


We create considered solutions that fit into a modern lifestyle. Our philosophy is to design products that add value to your daily routine, beyond simply their aesthetics and quality production.

Founded in 2018 by Daniel Oakes, while working for a hardware and technology incubator in London, England.

Iconicle (originally named Eleve) came about after seeing a lack of functionality and adoption of Apple Watch features in the docks on the market.


With this in mind, Iconicle Design was founded.


Since then we were successfully funded on Kickstarter in October 2021 to get Iconicle Dock manufactured. The 2nd round of samples have been completed and we are aiming for an April 2022 production.

We've been honored with the the communities reception of Iconicle and we can't wait to see where Iconicle will takes us next.

Daniel Oakes, Founder

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