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  • How is the Iconicle dock made?
    Iconicle dock is machine-milled from a solid block of aluminium using precise code. Then it is processed to give a smooth finish before been anodized in either an Ice Silver, Satin Grey or Soft Gold finish. Iconicle is made from a single piece of metal. So there are no parts that can go missing, no unnecessary plastic and no electronics that can break.
  • Why is it only for pre-order?
    We recently released Iconicle on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform for innovative products. Where we raised funds to bring Iconicle to manufacture thanks to our amazingly supportive community! We are in the final stages of manufacturing Iconicle and expect to start shipping in January 2022.
  • Is Iconicle Dock enviromentally friendly?
    Yes! Iconicle is 100% made from aluminium which, unlike plastics, is infinitely recyclable and reuseble and does not degrade over time. We took care to design it so it wouldn't require additional plastic parts or secondary pieces to secure the charging cable.
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